Zobo Tea Detox Cleanse


Unlike our other hibiscus tea product that requires steeping in hot water  for 1 to 3 minutes; we have simplified the process by creating a ready to drink Detox Tea. 

This tea is 100% organic. We specifically modified the tea to be delicious and yet add no additional calories to your body. Please caution yourself and listen to your body, excessive use would result in severe diarrhea 

Please Note that this is our very first distribution of what we call Zobo Tea Detox Cleanse.  We are asking for a sincere and honest review as you take the tea; This would allow us to better improve the product to fit everyone's needs. 


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Our Recommendation 

We recommend 8oz for the first 2 days and if no result gradually increase intake by 8oz.  If diarrhea symptoms occur, reduce intake of the tea, take your favorite probiotic for 48hrs and continue with lower doses

Seh-haw or Kinkeliba (Infusion of long life) was named by the first French settlers in Africa and has been imported into France since 1928 due to its health benefits.  Body detoxification, Aid in weight loss, Liver flush, Constipation, Indigestion, Hypertension, Colds and flu.  Kinkeliba Leaves Tea also has many skin care benefits. It is often recommended for a wide range of ailments including skin problems such as ageing, eczema, nappy rashes and acne because it has natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the mystical benefits of Kinkeliba tea.  This product is 100% organic.

We are not doctors and the information that we provide, is just for health and wellbeing purposes.  This product is not to be taken for specific health conditions without consulting with your doctor.  Alot of scientific research has been conducted on this product, which we are offering pure high quality that you may enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle.

While this may cause an instant weight loss for some people? We understand that each persons metabolism is different and we recommend that you document all results and give yourself a minimum of 30 days to quantify your result 

Please Visit us at www.zoboteastore.com and place your next order. Or simply give us a call at 502-767-1216  


How To Properly Detox/

Foods You Should Eat 

You  want to eat healthy foods that give nutrients to the body throughout the 30 days 

If you suffer from sugar craving, try to calm the craving with fruits like,  banana, oranges, grapes apples and more 

Green vegetables are also packed with protein, the greener the vegetable the better for you 

Nuts: Are also packed with protein, eat in moderation about 8 to 10 nuts per day

Try eating more Lean protein like fish, chicken, tuna, turkey, eggs etc. Avoid red meat as they take longer for the body to digest. If you must eat red meat, please avoid fast food red meat since they are made from the lowest meat quality 

Food To Avoid 

Our body produces natural energy. Ultimately we are training the body to produce its own energy. These foods are packed with processed chemicals that make you addicted and dependent on the sugar in the foods. These are just examples of a few foods you should avoid. 

No alcohol: the whole point is to get toxins out of your body for the 30days detox period, avoid intake of alcohol 

Processed sugar, cookies and white bread loaded with dye, chemicals and sugar 

Sodas are loaded with chemicals and sugar. You can replace your crave for sugar with our natural Hibiscus tea.  They come in 3 flavors, Pineapple, strawberries ang original(ginger, lemon cinnamon and cloves)