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30 Tea Bags Total -Blended, prepared and Packaged in the USA.


Ingredients: Hibiscus flower plant, Ginger, Lemon, Cloves 


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Zobo Tea is a hibiscus herbal tea that is made by steeping part of its plant into boiling water. It is known for its numerous benefits to the body. It is attributed to a lot of the grand breaking results for natural health remedies. Research has uncovered a range of health benefits linked to drinking the tea.  This tea is known over the world by different names. It is known in the french speaking parts of West African countries like Senegal as “jus de bissap”,  in the Caribbean Islands as “Sorrel,” in North Africa as “Kdarkade”, In Ghana as “Sobolo”, in Nigeria as “Zobo.”


Regardless of what you call it or where you are from, the fact still stands that this magical tea is a must-have and should be a go-to when it comes to taking care of your holistic self-using natural remedies.

While everyone has a specific way of making this delicious tea, we have chosen to selectively use ingredients that would enhance the benefits of this drink to the body.  Aside from its already increased level of vitamin C and iron and many others, we have chosen to infuse our tea with natural immune boosters like, Ginger, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, pineapple, strawberry and more.

So relax, take off your shoes and enjoy the summer breeze with this amazing tea. Or grab a blanket and let the warmth of the drink and the amazing aroma soothe your body.

So don’t be surprised the next time you travel outside the country and find this famous hibiscus tea in every corner of the streets as it is now a national drink for many countries around the world.


Hibiscus Tea is often compared to cranberry juice because it is sweet and slightly tart.  It can be prepared as a hot or cold beverage.  Cold Hibiscus Tea is excellent after exercise or physical activity because it restores electrolytes and gives a boost of caffeine-free energy. Aside from its already increased level of vitamin C, iron, antioxidants, and many others, we have chosen to infuse our tea with natural immune boosters like ginger, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, and more. This tea has a slightly sour taste much like cranberry lemonade. Prepare and add sugar or honey to taste or simply drink as is.


Allow the tea to steep for 1 to 3 minutes while stirring to ensure that all the ingredients are infused fully into the tea, then add ice to cool or simply use caution to drink hot.

Get Creative

Our teas have been blended and come in easy single serving tea packets.  

Add any additional things you would like eg. Sugar, honey, mint, more lemon and more. The sky’s the limit. Get Creative with your tea.  Your choice.



Ginger has been known to reduce your risk of diabetes. It’s a natural way to relieve period pain. It’s an anti-inflammatory. It can settle an upset stomach. It can also curb morning sickness. It may help prevent heart disease.

Cloves are replete with powerful antioxidants that help fight free radical damage and boost our immunity.

Hibiscus Flower plant (Zobo):Hibiscus tea is loaded with antioxidants.Great for the heart. Helps stave off cravings. Makes a good low-cal cocktail.


More Facts

Hibiscus Tea is known to be a heart-healthy drink and also supports the immune system. It  is made from the medicinal plant Hibiscus sabdariffa.  With several of the most powerful and rare antioxidant compounds, Hibiscus Tea enhances cellular strength by helping the body fight off free radicals.  By preventing oxidation, antioxidants protect and repair cells, all the while avoiding the potential for many diseases.

Backed by the American Heart Association, Hibiscus Tea can help reduce unhealthy blood pressure in patients with hypertension.  Furthermore, Hibiscus Tea helps in lowering LDL cholesterol that forms plaque build-up in arteries and it works to stabilize blood sugar levels.  These anti-hypertensive, hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic benefits make Hibiscus Tea an excellent way to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke and other heart-related conditions.

It promotes healthy slow weight loss and weight management.  Hibiscus contains compounds that prevent carbohydrates from absorbing into the body.  That means the body is less affected by sugar and metabolizes less calories.  As a result, the intake of less calories means an increase in weight loss.

As an antioxidant, Hibiscus Tea (Zobo Tea)  works to cleanse the bloodstream and digestive system of potentially threatening substances that lead to disease and infection.  This supports the natural purification roles of the liver, kidneys and urinary tract.  Hibiscus Tea is a diuretic which enables the body to expel toxins through urination, which in turn strengthens the body and helps metabolize food more efficiently.

Hibiscus Tea (Zobo Tea) is known to  naturally relax and soothe nerves and irritations like stomach cramping and internal swelling.  Hibiscus Tea calms the nervous system and relaxes the entire body.


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